Feb 9, 2015

OCVR, Changefindr and Renowaster

Meet three exciting new OC startups on this show.  All are being incubated at FastStart.studio in Irvine.  All are in extremely hot vertices.  First up is OCVR which is a development house for virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.  The second is Changefindr which allows users to take the unused balances of gift cards, that usual have little or no value to you and turns them into cash for charities of your choice.  And finally, the last startup is Renowaster that performs the magical task of turning organic garbage into fuel pellets.  This is the future and what will put an end to landfills and save our water table from pollution.  Also in the segment, Mark Skaist from Stradling Law explains Convertible Notes as a method of financing startups.


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