Dec 11, 2015

Rikki Torres launches his Uber style company named EZTruckx.

It is no secret that the Shared Economy is here in a big way.  There are several reasons why this type of business is flourishing.  One is that the recent recession left many without jobs.  The Shared Economy offered instant employment to hundreds of thousands.  The second is that as a society we are use to having it our way.  That means working or playing when we want and not to some set schedule.  The Uber style business model plays directly to this need.  There are other reasons but these two are enough to have changed the way business is done in many industry categories.  Enter Rikki Torres and EZTruckx (formerly known as A Guy With A Truck).  In this episode Rikki explains why and how he is building this company.

Nov 23, 2015

The Uber Law Suit and the Shared Economy are a few of the topics covered today by Jeff Dinkin, Employment Law Attorney, on

Jeffery Dinkin, Head of the Employment Law Department at Stradling Law discusses the merits and potential disruption caused by recent changes in employment law.  Both the Uber class action suit and the new direction for the National Labor Relations Board are turning not only existing business upside down but are having great impact on startups in the new Shared Economy.  Independent Contractor vs. Employee and the effect on business is one of the great unknowns but Jeff shares his vast experience on the topic to bring some clarity to the subject.

Nov 5, 2015

Product Development, Investment Strategy and Much More From Anderee Berengian, Managing Partner: RezVen Partners. Chairman & CEO: Cie Digital Labs

Some people are very good at product development, others at creating high functioning teams, and very few others are great at picking the right concepts to invest in.  Anderee Berengian is stellar at all three.  How does he do it?  Hear from the local super star himself in this in-depth interview.  Anderee shares his candid thoughts on what makes a great and investable founder and many other topics.  This is a not to be missed interview with one of OC's top investors.

Oct 12, 2015

Tap into the Private Capital Network.

Tap into the Private Capital Network.  Ken Hubbard, President of PCN talks about what he looks for in potential investments.  Is it the concept, the team, the market, the level of investment or timing.  All these are answered in detail by the guy who does it everyday for a living.  Don't miss this insightful interview with one of Orange County's most active investors

Aug 19, 2015

Stem Cells to the Rescue. Synova Life Science’s John Chi Explains the Power of Your Own Body to Heal Itself.

Stem cell therapy is not new.  John Chi's approach to using your own stem cells to heal and rejuvenate damaged joints is new and within the reach of 27 million suffers.  John and his two partners, both board certified surgeons, are building a company to help the average person escape the pain, suffering and restriction to movement associated with extreme arthritis joint deterioration.  He talks about his journey as a startup.  His challenges with FDA regulations and all the other issues of a Medical Device Startup.

Jun 29, 2015

Social Edge changes the media buying game. Vak Sambath, co-founder and serial entrepreneur tells us a fascinating story of its creation.

Knowledge Influencers...a term that includes bloggers has become one of the most talked about and important new concepts in media buying.  Launching products, selling goods or just learning about the "Why's of customer engagement" is intimately tied to the core functionality of skyrocketing startup Social Edge.  That is just one of the successes serial entrepreneur Vak Sambath brings to the table.  He shares a candid look at how he does it.  Both the successes and the failures are equally important benchmarks for any startup founder.

Jun 15, 2015

Gigging and Grubbing: Musician’s Favorite Food Spots When On Tour

Musician and founder of Gigging and Grubbing, Kenny Rudolph is in studio talking about what else but food and music.  Kenny's web TV show is a hit and it is easy to see why.  What better content than listening to great music followed by a trip to that musician's favorite local hangout.  Learn the secret restaurants, grills and just cool hangouts that these talented people frequent when on tour.  Also on this show is another legal segment from Mark Skaist, Stradling Law.  Don't start a company with partners before you all sit down and workout the terms of for a partnership agreement, or pay the very high price for failing to do so.  This show is packed with great info.  Let's hear from you if you want to be on the show or have a recommendation.

May 12, 2015

Marie Breziski compares her recent startup trek from SV to OC with the startup scene in her hometown of Marseilles, France. Salil Bali tells why Provisional Patents are so important.

We start out this our 7th Episode of with an international guest, Marie Breziski from Marseilles, France.  Marie has spent the last three months exploring the California startups ecosystem and shares her experiences on this show.  We also have a great session from Salil Bali, from Stradling Law on why filing a provisional patent is so important to startup founders.

May 4, 2015

Lori Mazan, investor, leadership coach and supporter of entrepreneurship shares why she is involved with the OC starup scene.

Like so many others who support the Orange County startup scene, Lori Mazan is involved in many different tracks.  She has been amazingly effective both with Fortune 100 companies and with startups.  One of her passions is the work she does with Astia, a very large Angel Investor group that focuses on startup that has at least one woman in the C Suite with equity. Lori tells all in this episode of

Apr 20, 2015

JJ Richa, Angel Investor and Serial Entrepreneur Shares His Point of View

Serial Entrepreneur and Angle Investor JJ Richa Tells What It Takes To Launch A Successful Startup. 

Not only does this seasoned professional share his process for creating companies, he also talks about what he looks for as an Angel Investor.  This show gives you great insight to both processes from someone who had demonstrated over and over again that he has the "right stuff".

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